I wint to a brthay he got 4 sky laders. A nerf foot ball. A nerf basketball. It was at the skating ring. I saw Jasuw. I brung 20 $.


I helped save the snow lepered. Every boty cows thar own we got the money from snak shak. We did a lot of reserch. We are going to give 700 HUNGERED dolyers to WWF. It was hared.


I drow with chok with my brother. I wint to Croats hawes. I wint to the strbary festbol. At the strobary festbol I rod on they sping strrobary. I got a Bolton Elian.






We skyped Marcie & David they live on a boot. Marcie got to pet a kangurow up clos!!!!!!!!! Thar ship is cold Nine of cups. They have bin to 6 contnins!!!!! They had to wosh thar clos the old fashin way.


I flow a varey ikspinof helicopter that was mot cinchrol and cot it into the three. I got more Pokemon creds. I wint to popus party!!! I spraed avrey boty with the hose. We had a bom fire contest with the naber. I had a popsikl. Brint fiksed the aru. I had strbary shortcake yum yum!!! I won a soccer game!!! Will got a humungis not.


The stuf at the botum of the cop is food.


I wint to dacaer I chraedid Pokemon crds. We joined ech others wruld on mincraft. I played clach of clans. I bot Pokemon crds. I wint to bratins vil for a felthrip. My cosin spint the nite at my haws.